Stainless Steel 304 and 316 Rib Lath

Stainless steel lathing products offer excellent acid and alkali resistance, mainly used for swimming pool and ocean area construction uses.
Our stainless rib lathe is exported to USA, UK and other countries.

Stainless material offering excellent corrosion resistance;
Expanded metal offering exceptional strength;
Ribbed structure offering superior flexibility.


SS304 Rib Lath

SS 304 Expanded Metal Rib Lath Sheet for UK

Material: Stainless steel 304 grade
Specification: 0.40 thickness
Size16X11, rib height 8 mm, distance 150mm

SS 316 Stainless Steel Mesh Lath, Exported to America

Stainless Steel 316 Grade Metal Formwork Lath for Plastering Key

3/8” rib ss metal lath for USA
Expanded metal lath formed from stainless steel sheet cut and expanded, for plastering

Stainless Rib Lath, Exported to UK

Material: SS316 Lath
Sheet 0.40 thickness, size16X11, rib height 8 mm, rib distance 150mm


Model Thickness SwxLw Rib height Rib distance Width of piece
RL-SS-30 0.30 16X11 8 150 600
RL-SS-35 0.35 16X11 8 150 600
RL-SS-40 0.40 16X11 8 150 600
RL-SS-45 0.45 16X11 8 150 600
RL-SS-50 0.50 16X11 8 150 600
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